26 ottobre 2023

“Mediation in international contexts: which role for Italy?”

In light of the growing tensions and divides at international level, no effort nor ability shall be spared to foster dialogue in conflict areas towards peaceful and negotiated long-lasting solutions.
Italy has a vast network of high-level professionals of great skills and expertise that could and should act in support to Italian foreign policy’s peace mediation and peace building efforts, following the example of other countries.
The panellists and the key note speaker will propose a dialogue to try and answer the following questions:
  • What can be learnt on peace mediation and peace building efforts from the experiences of other countries, such as Switzerland? Which steps were taken to build a solid governmental/non-governmental collaboration?
  • Which lessons can be learnt from peace mediation and peace building efforts led by international organisations and NGOs?
  • How can humanitarian diplomacy contribute to sustainable and longer-term peace and development efforts?
  • Are there steps or recommendations that could be applied in the Italian context to further strengthen its peace mediation and peace building capacities and profile?


Costanza Spocci


Amb. Lamberto Zannier,
Amb. Thomas Greminger,
Anna Cervi,
Simone Ceresa