In the last few years, the international system has witnessed increasing conflicts worldwide, a new crisis of the post-Cold war security arrangement in Europe, and new political tensions both within and between States. In many countries, this has led to growing forms of extremisms and widened already existing divides, including in those countries with long established democratic and inclusive traditions.
The international system has been further put to test by climate changes and far-reaching transformation of the world economy, with the potential to further exacerbate political tensions and rivalries.
In this new era of global uncertainty, it is of paramount importance to strengthen opportunities and instruments to deal with conflict prevention, mediation and peace processes.
3IM wants to work with institutions, organizations, associations and the academia already operating in the sector in Italy, to create a solid network of resources. This can contribute to strengthening capacities, generating harmonised initiatives, and ultimately creating an Italian system of mediation and peacebuilding.

3IM's action in support to conflict prevention, mediation and peace processes focuses on three areas:


Establishing a network of professionals, organizations and institutions operating in these sectors, facilitating synergies and initiatives between the network’s members and institutions and increasing their visibility.


Developing joint projects, researches, debates and events on these themes.


Offering innovative and high-level training programmes for professionals working on these themes (experts in NGOs, diplomatic, political, military and police personnel, and so forth).